Stringing a story together from the dice I rolled...
  1. Here's what I got...
  2. Fist
    Batman is pummeling a mob hitman.
  3. Blimp
    A police blimp flies over. Batman leaves the unconscious mobster for the fuzz.
  4. Cell
    The hitman is placed in a holding cell at police headquarters.
  5. Filing cabinet
    The arresting officer goes to put the perp's paperwork away.
  6. Box
    Inside, he discovers a mysterious purple box. He hears manic laughter behind him.
  7. Joker
    He turns around to discover the Joker creeping up on him. The officer shrieks in terror.
  8. Gordon
    Commissioner Gordon runs into the room to see what caused the scream. So surprised to see the Joker has invaded the office, Gordon doesn't notice that...
  9. Penguin
    The Penguin has also waddled into the room with one of his trademark trick umbrellas. He points it at the filing cabinet.
  10. Explosion
    The box in the top drawer dings, and suddenly a giant explosion overtakes the room.
  11. What will happen next?
  12. Tune in next time.
  13. Same Bat List.
  14. Same app.