Inspired by @NutraSweetCaroline. Most of these were during school and college breaks.
  1. The Red Badge of Courage
    Stephen Crane - I was required to read this before freshman year at Ohio State.
  2. I Know What You Did Last Summer
    Lois Duncan - In the minivan en route to Hilton Head with the family.
  3. The Rules of Attraction
    Bret Easton Ellis - I got severely burned reading this in the back yard. 😡
  4. The Black Dahlia
    James Ellroy - Instead of being a helpful librarian. 📚
  5. Gone Girl
    Gillian Flynn - Unprofessionally long lunch breaks at Discover Card. 💳
  6. American Gods
    Neil Gaiman - On the beach in Sarasota.
  7. Mr. Mercedes
    Stephen King - At my pool right before selling my condo.
  8. Batman: The Long Halloween
    Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale - Start to finish in the family room.
  9. The Last of the Savages
    Jay McInerney - Walmart break room. 😱
  10. Twilight
    Stephenie Meyer - Guarding the front gate at the Ohio History Museum. 🍎
  11. Y: The Last Man
    Brian K. Vaughan & Pia Guerra - Eating lots of Pizza Hut in the Target break room (a major upgrade from Wally World). 🎯