Selina Kyle has changed her look several times throughout the years. Here are ten of my favorites.
  1. Batman: The Animated Series
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    I'm very happy that so many collectibles are in this likeness. It's purrfect! 😻
  2. Batman Returns
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    Michelle Pfeiffer
  3. Classic
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    The purple dress was her main go-to from the 40s to the 80s.
  4. Batman (1966)
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    Julie Newmar
  5. Current
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    Darwyn Cooke designed this with the great Emma Peel in mind.
  6. The Long Halloween
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    Tim Sale is one of my absolute favorite artists.
  7. 90s
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    Jim Balent's art was an instant classic for obvious reasons.
  8. The Dark Knight Rises
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    Anne Hathaway
  9. Year One
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    Redesigned for the Post-Crisis era.
  10. Nervous Breakdown
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    Not a good storyline, but I liked the costume.