Celebrity guest stars on the new Twin Peaks: An ongoing list

Some of these are inferences based on context
  1. Ashley Judd
    Ben Horne's secretary
  2. Jennifer Jason Leigh
    Dark Dale's cohort
  3. Naomi Watts
    Dale #3's wife
  4. Michael Cera
    Lucy and Andy's son
  5. Matthew Lillard
    Murder suspect likely framed by Dark Dale
  6. Ethan Suplee
    Dale #3's coworker
  7. Jane Adams
  8. Patrick Fischler
    Upper level gangster in Vegas
  9. Jessica Szohr
    Shelley's daughter
  10. Robert Forster
    The other Sheriff Truman
  11. Richard Chamberlain
    Denise's assistant
  12. Balthazar Getty
    Shelley's love interest