This list could very well change in the near future because TV is really good these days.
  1. Seinfeld
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    My favorite show since I started watching in the mid-90s. Nothing will ever top these four neurotics.
  2. The Simpsons
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    The first decade of this toon with a cast of thousands is perfectly brilliant.
  3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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    Under the scary monsters and clever metaphors about growing up is one hell of a young woman who takes on it all with a quip to hide the heartbreak of being the Chosen One.
  4. Hannibal
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    The newest addition to the list, Hannibal takes a great book series and turns into a haunting, frightening, beautiful love story.
  5. Damages
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    Two women at odds, but you can't choose one over the other.
  6. Alias
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    Double agents, family drama, convoluted mythology, and a badass spy named Sydney Bristow.
  7. Arrested Development
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    No series will ever stuff so many jokes into a single episode that you are forced to rewatch in order to catch the ones you missed because you were too busy laughing.
  8. The Sopranos
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    Between the brutality of the mafia and the banal struggles of marriage and fatherhood, Tony Soprano's sessions with Dr. Melfi bring out the philosophical soul of the seeming thug.
  9. 30 Rock
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    A strange mishmash of a workplace comedy, a diatribe about the horrors of single life, and a surreal jab at show business.
  10. Frasier
    The only spinoff to completely surpass the classic original.
  11. Curb Your Enthusiasm
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    Larry David is able to take his comedy to places network television would never have allowed on Seinfeld. Darker, more profane, and sometimes even funnier than its predecessor.
  12. The Avengers
    I will admit that I only count the Mrs. Peel episodes, but they are so well made that they suffice as a series.
  13. Batman the Animated Series
    The definitive versions of many characters (e.g., Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze) are featured in this influential cartoon.
  14. Mad Men
    Don and Peggy drove me mad with their genius business skills and total failure at anything else.
  15. The Good Wife
  16. Friends
  17. Veep
  18. Veronica Mars
  19. Futurama
  20. The Mary Tyler Moore Show