What I'm excited for in 2017!

All entertainment because I'm shallow
  1. Wonder Woman
    'Bout time! 👸🏻
  2. The Lego Batman Movie
    It comes out on my birthday!
  3. Riverdale
    THAT'S Archie?!?!
  4. Homeland
    I've missed that cry face so much!
  5. Taboo
    A hard on for Hardy!
  6. Legion
    All I know about him is that he killed Mystique's great love Destiny, but the Fargo people are producing!
  7. Shania Twain
    A new album after fifteen years!
  8. Sunset Boulevard
    Glenn Close is returning to her signature Broadway role! (And there's probably no way I'll see it. 😭)
  9. It
    A sexy Skarsgård takes on the ultimate nightmare. 🤡
  10. Justice League
    Hey, more Wonder Woman! And Ezra Miller is pretty great. ⚡️
  11. Dunkirk
    Christopher Nolan is required viewing.
  12. Alien: Covenant
    This gif came up, soooo....
  13. American Gods
    Greatest writer of all time Neil Gaiman's book, adapted by Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller!!!!
  14. The Good Fight
    Diane Lockhart takes center stage at last!
  15. Into the Water
    Paula Hawkins' follow up thriller
  16. Heather, the Totality
    Matthew Weiner wrote a book!!!