What I'm excited for in entertainment this summer!

  1. Cats
    One of my favorite musicals is returning to Broadway with Leona Lewis as Grizabella.
  2. A View from the Cheap Seats
    Neil Gaiman is putting out a book of short nonfiction essays this time.
  3. X-Men Apocalypse
    I'm seeing the latest installment tonight!
  4. Me Before You
    I quite enjoyed the book, now it's time to cry in the movie theater.
  5. Veep
    I get all warm inside watching Julia Louis-Dreyfus be horrible to people.
  6. Inside Amy Schumer
    Fame and "scandals" are just giving her more material.
  7. UnREAL
    I binged Season 1 last month, so I'm ready for more manipulation.
  8. Suicide Squad
    Will Jared and Margot do the Joker and Harley justice?
  9. Batman: The Killing Joke
    An R-rated animated adaptation of the popular/acclaimed/controversial Alan Moore comic.
  10. All Star Batman
    Rebirth is shaking the DC Universe up, and Scott Snyder's new series is #1 on my pull list.
  11. Life with Kevin
    My favorite Riverdale resident is getting another miniseries!
  12. Strange Little Birds
    Garbage will release their first new album since 2012.
  13. Lady Dynamite
    I finished this delightfully bonkers Netflix series last night.
  14. Ghostbusters
    Can't wait for the funny ladies of SNL and Bridesmaids to strap on the proton packs.
  15. ComicCon
    I have to admit that I'm only going to the one in Columbus.
  16. End of Watch
    Stephen King finishes the trilogy that started with Mr. Mercedes.
  17. Penny Dreadful
    Dear Emmys, you ignored the brilliance of Buffy and Hannibal because they were "genre" TV, but please recognize Eva Green. She is doing the best work of her career.
  18. The Bret Easton Ellis Podcast
    You're bound to disagree with some of the bestselling author's opinions, but he provides a unique voice in the entertainment industry.
  19. Lost Themes II
    John Carpenter is known as a filmmaker, but he's a talented musician as well. Everyone knows the Halloween theme.