1. King Arthur Flour bakery & cafe
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    Baking heaven. Took a bread making class. Highly recommend!
  2. Funspot
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    aka the world's biggest arcade aka the arcade from the documentary "King of Kong" they have a million old school games, a ton of different pinball machines, and all the other standard arcade games you could want.
  3. Wolfeboro
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    Great little vacation town, I've been coming here for years with my family and even learning that Mitt Romney's family does the same isn't enough to ruin this place for me. Best to visit in the summer.
  4. Simon Pearce Glass
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    Glassmaking factory and restaurant perched over a small waterfall in Quechee, Vermont. Pricey, but the glass blowing studio is worth touring and their arugula and Brussels sprout salad is literally the best thing I have ever eaten.
  5. Seven Suns
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    Their savory crepes are amazing.
  6. Poor People's Pub
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    Good food, good drinks, make sure you get that year's t-shirt.
  7. Lake Winnipesaukee
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    It's kind of hard to miss, but worth visiting especially in the summer.
  8. Barnacle Billy's
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    I don't usually eat seafood but their clam chowder is a must.