I'm a compulsive text screenshot taker. These are the ones I'll never delete.
  1. This perfect Animorphs joke.
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  2. This unique insight into the way my boyfriend talks to his sister.
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  3. This text from my sister that paired hilariously with my phone lock screen of my dog.
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  4. This series of texts from when Jimmy and I were trying to get out of New Jersey during Hurricane Sandy when my brother asked a question that definitely didn't need asking.
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  5. This text, to which Adam responded: "Tell him about our coworker Biz Anal."
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  6. This roller coaster of emotion from my sister.
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  7. This family mass text in which my mom tried to tell us she hung her stained glass window, my dad made a dirty joke, and my brother was mortified.
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  8. Blueberries?
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  9. This time Andrew and I wondered if paper newspapers still serve any function and decided lining bird cages was basically it.
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  10. This bit of real science.
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  11. And lastly, this coworker, who shall remain anonymous.
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