I'm a compulsive text screenshot taker. These are the ones I'll never delete.
  1. This perfect Animorphs joke.
  2. This unique insight into the way my boyfriend talks to his sister.
  3. This text from my sister that paired hilariously with my phone lock screen of my dog.
  4. This series of texts from when Jimmy and I were trying to get out of New Jersey during Hurricane Sandy when my brother asked a question that definitely didn't need asking.
  5. This text, to which Adam responded: "Tell him about our coworker Biz Anal."
  6. This roller coaster of emotion from my sister.
  7. This family mass text in which my mom tried to tell us she hung her stained glass window, my dad made a dirty joke, and my brother was mortified.
  8. Blueberries?
  9. This time Andrew and I wondered if paper newspapers still serve any function and decided lining bird cages was basically it.
  10. This bit of real science.
  11. And lastly, this coworker, who shall remain anonymous.