YOU NEED TO BE WATCHING THIS SHOW. The characters are all smart but in very different ways. It's funny and smart and did I mention funny?
  1. Ravenclaw: Rebecca Bunch
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    Totally book smart and fantastic at her job, but not so great at life skills or at taking calculated risks in her personal life.
  2. Gryffindor: Paula
    Brave as shit, not afraid to speak her mind or take big risks in her personal and professional lives. Always pushing her friends to be brave too, even when the smart thing might be taking the cowardly way out.
  3. Hufflepuff: Josh
    Oh, Josh. Loyal to a fault, super kind, friends with everyone, and always sees people as the best versions of themselves. Hates conflict.
  4. Valencia: Slytherin
    Cunning and ambitious. She knows what she wants, she knows that she deserves it, she's not afraid to get it. Yeah, she's a little mean, but she's not necessarily wrong either.