1. Mary
    we would have 7 cats and just hang out it would be sweet
  2. Billie
    We roomed together in Honduras and she kept me up late doing her Gollum impersonation but that's okay, we can still make it work!!!!!
  3. Skye
    She's not a senior but I would marry her
  4. Merrita
    they say marry ur bff right??
  5. Hayden
    I feel like she would always make snacks for me and we would laugh a lot
  6. Kristen
    She's soooo nice and goofy I think we would have a happy marriage
  7. Catherine
    She would serenade me and we'd live a happy life together
  8. Avory J
    She seems so organized and I'm the biggest slob I think she would end up hating me
  9. Ashlynn
    Great gal I love her