1. Color
    Katelyn would a nice golden color because she's warm and inviting also her and her dogs hair cooper is golden so it only fits
  2. Season
    Katelyn would be summer bc she loves to have fun and dance around and swim and stay up late into the night and not have to wake up early the next day. She's someone everyone looks forward to being with similar to how everyone looks forward to the summer dayz (no homo)
  3. Food item
    Katelyn would be a strawberry because she thrives in the summer!! Also strawberries are sweet and good for you unlike say a chocolate bar which is also sweet but makes you fat and feel gross after eating it a lot. Plus she loves fruit and considers them a dessert which I think is kinda weird but hey
  4. Piece of clothing
    Katelyn would be a nice cardigan that goes with everything and is something you want to bring everywhere with you just incase!! It would be a cardigan you can wear with a dress or some yoga pants comfy and cool in all occasions