1. Manny's sisters room doesn't have ANY ponytail holders I'm still livid
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  2. Shreya got zapped but sadly she didn't look before it was her time and didn't ask me out :/
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  3. McDonald's trip #1,346
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  4. Halie always laughs like this so I'm starting a collage of pictures of her
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  5. Idk what the hell Sarah is doing but we thought it was so funny at the time
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  6. Visiting Madison's boy friend (that lasted 3 weeks) he is a bartender at red robin
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  7. Abby the rodent
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  8. Again thought this was so funny at the time
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  9. My favorite picture of all time
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  10. Vanessa's house was a blast
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  11. A night at Jordans dad's house. She made us clean her house before anyone else arrived
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  12. Being silly in ATX
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  13. Ran into Elton John at fuzzys taco who would've guessed
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  14. Only girls that were in the a/v class just hanging out
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  15. Crazy times with Shreya
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  16. Dad said this root looked like ET's arm... classic Lon
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