1. Manny's sisters room doesn't have ANY ponytail holders I'm still livid
  2. Shreya got zapped but sadly she didn't look before it was her time and didn't ask me out :/
  3. McDonald's trip #1,346
  4. Halie always laughs like this so I'm starting a collage of pictures of her
  5. Idk what the hell Sarah is doing but we thought it was so funny at the time
  6. Visiting Madison's boy friend (that lasted 3 weeks) he is a bartender at red robin
  7. Abby the rodent
  8. Again thought this was so funny at the time
  9. My favorite picture of all time
  10. Vanessa's house was a blast
  11. A night at Jordans dad's house. She made us clean her house before anyone else arrived
  12. Being silly in ATX
  13. Ran into Elton John at fuzzys taco who would've guessed
  14. Only girls that were in the a/v class just hanging out
  15. Crazy times with Shreya
  16. Dad said this root looked like ET's arm... classic Lon