I have a bad memory and I laugh really hard like everyday so!!!
  1. playing basketball with some middle schools boys for like a week after school. We are very bad at basketball keep in mind
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  2. When an old man asked to take our picture in Tom Thumb.
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  3. Katelyns masterpiece
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  4. Austin TX with Halie we laughed for 3 days straight together. Best weekend!!
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  5. when Merrita FaceTimed me via the tub. I'll leave out the details but it was very funny.
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  6. Literally everytime I hang out with K8 I die laughing so it's hard to pinpoint.
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  7. This day with Sarah was so funny but I won't go into detail hahaha
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  8. Looking through Madison's old things and realizing she dressed like a confused little boy
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  9. rn when I rediscovered this
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  10. Arkansas when we felt like we were in a bad frat movie...It got better though and we like to laugh at stupid situations
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  11. When Katelyn and I volunteered at Flower Mound town hall.
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