my diary
  1. the way people chew gum loudly as if it's sexy or something anyone would want to hear
  2. when people try too hard
  3. All of P!nk's music
  4. DJ Khalid's music videos
  5. How half the female population has some form of "I'm a coffee lover" in their bio's as if it's rare to drink coffee
  6. People who are condescending about music
  7. When guys talk really loud in public bc they think they're funny and want everyone to hear what they're saying
  8. Passive aggression
  9. When someone try's to purposefully embarrass someone else
  10. My hair and the fact that it looks like a lacrosse boy's flow 50% of the time
  11. All of John Green's books
  12. Girls who think they're really cool bc they go to down town Dallas sometimes
  13. friends who are only your friend when all their other friends are being assholes
  14. jeans
  15. when people say they're obsessed with food all the time as if it's special to like food
  16. when my friend Katelyn just hangs out in her shoes and doesn't take them off and be comfortable
  17. When people hate something only bc a lot of people love it