I go to concerts, Zanies, and worked at a fancy grocery store where celebs shopped.
  1. Weird Al Yankovic
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  2. Conan O'Brien
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  3. Kevin Smith
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  4. Bob Gale
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  5. Rivers Cuomo
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  6. Ted Danson
  7. Kevin Nealon
  8. Jeff Garlin
  9. Ralphie May
  10. James Tolkan
  11. Jason Mewes
  12. Ron Funches
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  13. Jimmy Carter
  14. Al Franken
  15. James Marsden
  16. Brad Paisley
  17. Kimberly Williams
  18. Robert Plant
  19. David Blaine
  20. Doug benson
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  21. Geoff Tate
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  22. Samm Levine
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  23. Greg Sestero
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  24. Victoria Jackson
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  25. Rachel Korine