I was eight years old when the first Tim Burton Batman movie came out in 1989. I got the soundtrack on cassette and didn't realize how dirty a lot of the lyrics were.
  1. Let's take a drive love, so we can make up our minds love, 2 commit the crimes of passion that sets us free.
  2. Ain't nothin but a muffin. We gotta lotta butter 2 go. And if it break when it bend U better not put it in - OH!
  3. I told her the joke about the woman who asked her lover, "Why is your organ so small?" He replied, "I didn't know I was playin' in a cathedral." Vicki didn't laugh at all.
  4. People, people, whatever floats this joker's boat is whatever this joker will bang.
  5. Trust - hot and close - dig it now. Doesn't that feel good?
  6. All it takes is a little bitty of your ooh! Pretty pretty. And I'm the wildest in the city.
  7. Feel what u've been dying 4. Don't be afraid, baby. Touch it and explode.
  8. I can't wait to wrap my legs all around u girl
  9. 2 night why don't we just skip all the 4-play, mamma and just get down here on the floor
  10. Whisper a question and with my body I'll scream a reply. Anything's acceptable. Just ask me and I'll try it. 2 hell with hesitations. 2 hell with the reasons why.
  11. Oooh yeah, oooh yeah. I wanna bust that body. Ooh yeah, ooh yeah. I wanna bust that body right.
  12. Hey Duckie, let me stick the 7-inch in the computer.