1. Ugh people. Sit down. Come on.
  2. They're handing out boom boom sticks. In retrospect, these are annoying as crap. Shouldn't have grabbed one. Also the bag they came in looked like a condom.
  3. Plumlee runs like a deer.
  4. Kobe actually looks good this game. Personal theory, Kobe is actually rounding into shape by taking a billion shots a game. By the end of December, he's gonna be boss. Or at least not as horrible as he has been. But maybe that's a given. He HAS to get better. Right?
  5. Just saw a guy in an ugly laker christmas sweater. I want one. Blazers obviously. But I want one.
  6. Thought: If Kobe continues to play this badly, but still gets voted into the All-Star game, what happens? That can't happen. Right? He knows he's not an All-Star. That'd be crazy delusional if he went. Like... Beyond Kobe crazy.
  7. If the Lakers hit their open shots, how much closer is this game? Seriously.
  8. Forgot Metta World Peace was still in the league.
  9. Forgot Jeremy Lin was on the Lakers. It really is a black hole huh? How did I not see him in the first half? I'm hopeless.
  10. That's not Jeremy Lin. That's some guy named Larry Nane Jr. Which explains why I didn't see Jeremy Linn in the first half.
  11. It's a beautiful thing to see how hard Mo Harkless fights for rebounds. He's really getting after it. At least someone is.
  12. Lillard, CJ, Crabbe, Aminu, Harkless lineup, for two minutes. And just let them run and score. I think it just might work.
  13. Plumlee has made a couple of really good passes this game. He has great touch.
  14. Good game by Blazers. Not great. Good games from Lillard and CJ. The bench needs to step up. Who is the 3rd best player on this squad? Still. A win is a win. Plus it was against the Lakers.