1. Instagram
    Instagram users are constantly uploading new images and/or videos, there's so many uploads to see... Especially with the search button... (No big deal, just creeping on random people)
  2. Snapchat
    Who doesn't want to see what their fellow friends and celebrities are up to on a day to day basis?
  3. Li.st (As of today after downloading it 💕)
    So interesting to read people's thoughts, opinions, and random ideas that go through their heads in one day
  4. Facebook
    Last social media to check to see of any updates or to watch some videos of random dogs from random pages
  5. MyFitnessPal
    Gotta track down the food I consume and how many calories I burn... Not super food/weight conscious, but I like to know what I'm eating and doing everyday
  6. The Weather Channel
    A must have app to see the weather updates at an hourly rate
  7. BuzzFeed
    Ultimate procrastinating app where all I do is take quizzes and watch videos of the Try Guys, Test Friends, and other random food tasting videos