*in progress
  1. Rebel Wilson. Rebel fucking Wilson.
    I love you and you're aca-mazing
  2. Leslie Mann. Leslie fucking Mann.
  3. Dakota Johnson.
    Wow all I can picture is her naked from Fifty Shades lol.
  4. Can't see Leslie Mann delivering a baby
    Mainly because of watching The Other Woman
  5. Other actress in this...
    Yeah who are you? You're picky as shit and probably going to be single forever lol.
  6. Dating websites to increase your odds?
    Yeah right
  7. Yeah Rebel, there is no such thing as a break.
    Stupid Anastasia Steele
  8. Is this going to be me when I finally decide to start dating again?
  9. Sausage wallet. Yes.
  10. Dakota is really good at making me feel awkward and uncomfortable
  11. Super sentimental moment between les and that baby
  12. "And you use an emoji, I will fucking tit punch you"
  13. "I'm gonna be alone forever"
    Same girl same
  14. Leslie you're fucking crazy
    Finding a sperm donor online without ever meeting him, yeah good looks
  15. "Reading is for ugly losers"
  16. "You have LTRP. Long term relationship pussy"
  17. Dakota you're honestly beautiful
    Naked or clothed
  18. (Sorry this is taking so long, can't manage to watch this straight without pausing)
    But yolo
  19. Actress that I still don't know the name of...
    Yeah you're bat shit crazy
  20. Yeah!!!! Interracial crushes/flings/relationships