1. Jack from The Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood
    The whole package. Dark brown hair that you know has curls in all the right places, green eyes that make you say "woah, that's green". Amazingly sweet and supportive (when he sang that song on the fiddle to his girlfriend's bitchy mother). SPEAKS FRENCH. Also plus side of having his mom as a mother in law Bc I love her also. Downside- major daddy issues.
  2. Percy Jackson
    My 11 year old self was absolutely in love with him and first literary love is the most pure. Dark brown hair, green eyes, can talk to fish creatures, is smart but acts dopey in a sweet way. Ugh, Rick Riordan you made the perfect demigod. Downside- probably forgets to shower and smells a lil like a fish market and/or blood if they are under attack yet again.
  3. Laurie from Little Women
    He loved those girls and was so dreamy. Smart but not too pretentious, down for playing make believe. Always up to argue in an intellectual/sweet way. Downside- why TF did he end up with Amy??
  4. Ceiling from Americanah
    The absolute epitome of high school sweetheart. Love books and is intellectually sexy but not too pretentious. At his core a person with a true heart who wants to learn everything about the world around him. Downside- I hate who he became when he got older. Yes, he was in a tough situation and was heartbroken but ick. Definition of peaked in high school.
  5. Werner from All the Light We Cannot See
    Brilliant and innocent, taken advantage of by Hitler's army. Falls in love with with a girl over the radio and risks his life to save her. Sees the good in everyone, even his evil fellow soldiers. Downside- (spoiler) he dies.
  6. Aladdin
    Ok I know he was more a movie character but I had the picture book as a kid and damn he had abs. 10/10. Downside- what was up with those pants?
  7. Gogol from The Namesake
    He's painted as the absolute perfect guy. Goes to Yale, becomes a passionate architect, seems effortlessly gorgeous and chill. Downside- underneath all that he's a weak character who is self centered and emotionally immature. Relies too much on his girlfriends. But you better believe if I saw him in the street I'd swoon.
  8. Junior from This is How You Lose Her
    More of an emotional attachment. I just love him and want to help him find happiness. He has such a huge capacity for love and is so passionate. It's too bad he acts like a major dick sometimes. But then he really regrets it you guys. Downside- He has a lot of problems (mostly due to his crippling family) but beyond that he is golden.
  9. Rudy from The Book Thief
    Yet another innocent boy taken advantage of by Hitler's army. His relationship with Liesel is the most beautiful and untainted childhood love story. The saukerl is too good for this world. Downside- I think I would get tired of him wanting to race all the time.