Favorite Holidays

  1. 1.
    Spent with family, the best food, no expectations to give gifts
  2. 2.
    HBD Jesus, family, food, gifts are nice but definitely not the best thing
  3. 3.
    New Year's Eve/Day
    Burn Christmas trees, parents anniversary, fooooooood, annual family/friend part in the good ol' NH
  4. 4.
    4th of July
    Independence, summer, bonfires and fireworks
  5. 5.
    Veterans Day
    We should always recognize our veterans but a day of special recognition is 100% necessary
  6. 6.
    MLK Day
    Equality, no school (finally)
  7. 7.
    Mother's/Father's day
    They always deserve to be celebrated but a special day for them is cool
  8. 8.
    Flag day
    We used to draw flags and sing flag songs in elementary school. It was weird, but we didn't do actual work so it was fine
  9. 9.
    I don't actually like it I just like the clearance candy the following days
  10. 10.
    Valentine's Day
    Again I actually HATE this "holiday" but February 15th is the best day because you buy yourself half priced candy and feel 0 regret #treatyoself