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  1. Stare gazing freshmen year after homecoming
  2. Long talks in Kal's car with people who were strangers but now close friends
  3. Piyo if Pratt hallways
  4. When Megan, Kal, and I stayed in the cookout parking lot until 6 am for absolutely no reason
  5. Valentine's Day weekend spent in Westminster
  6. FA 200 presentations
  7. FA 200 presentations Late night study sessions in food for thought (RIP)
  8. When the police showed up on the roof of the parking garage while we innocently wanted Harry Potter since RSVP was over
  9. Winning my first intramural championship
  10. Skipping the drive in movie during freshmen year welcome week to eat peanut butter crackers and pickles and become best friends with my roommates
  11. #graduationexSKURTion with Gabby and Ryan to St. Augustine
  12. Allnighters pulled with Chris
  13. Rededicating my life to Christ at BCM retreat freshmen year