1. Not interrupting when people are talking
    I get wicked excited about things and people tend to talk over me so I interrupt people and I don't like doing it
  2. Being slow to anger
    The smallest things piss me off and I hate it but again it's a small thing. Vicious cycle
  3. Letting the small things go
    I tend to let the little things piss me off
  4. Getting better at spikeball
    Andrew Boynton if you comment on this post because of this bullet point I swear I'll lose it
  5. Getting that spring break bod
    Jk it is already spring break and I'm not there
  6. Taking less pain reliever
    I've gained a tolerance and it scares me
  7. Being less passive aggressive
    My life is composed of passive aggressive actions
  8. My handwriting
  9. Accepting defeat
  10. Generally being quieter