I don't always do all of these all the time. Whenever I'm wicked anxious or stressed is when I do them more often
  1. Split my gum in half and chew on both sides of my mouth
  2. Count every stair I go up and try to make it even for each foot
  3. When I have an itch I have to itch the other side to keep things symmetrical
  4. When I run and I clip my own ankle, I try to even it out and clip my other ankle
  5. I bite down when driving when the power line line gets to its lowest point in its curve
  6. Volumes have to be on even number or multiples of 5
  7. Can't step on cracks and have to take even amounts of steps in each space
  8. If I step on the yellow pointy thing before crosswalks, it has to be with both feet or not at all
  9. If someone high gives my right hand with force I need to high five someone with force with my left hand to even it out
  10. I can't be in the line of where lines intersect. Like I have to be under a ceiling tile
  11. When the sheets are tucked in while I'm sleeping and my feet are being pushed down unevenly
  12. My phone has to be placed on a square table lined up with the 90 degree of the edge and a circle table evenly spaced in the design of the table or the edge