1. Amount of unnecessary time spent on the toilet
    On my phone, reading a magazine, ignoring my problems/people
  2. Number of hours spent playing sports
  3. Hours of Netflix I've watched
  4. Hours I've spent studying
  5. Hours sleeping
  6. List of people I've pissed off and why
  7. People I've made a positive impact on and why
  8. Texts I've sent/received
  9. Steps I've taken
  10. Hours spent crying
  11. Hours procrastinating
    And how I've accomplished said procrastination
  12. Number of prayers I've said
  13. Respirations I've taken
  14. Number of awkward encounters and how I dealt with them
  15. People that have hated/disliked me for no reason
  16. Times I've shaved my legs
  17. Number of times I've looked down and thought my wrists were dirty but really it's just my tattoos
  18. People who have had a crush on me
  19. Guys I've talked to strictly because they have a dog
  20. Flights of stairs I've climbed
  21. Hours I've laid awake when I wish I was sleeping
  22. Minutes wasted in the shower
  23. Amount of time wasted studying on material professors said are on the test but really aren't
  24. How many people have looked at my license plate and made a comment about the fact that it's from New Hampshire
  25. How many times I've spaced out while reading and had to reread what I just read