Full disclaimer: I love my roommate and she knows that. But these are the things that erk me about living with her
  1. She asks me to leave my fan running so she doesn't wake up. Then never turns it off so I get back at 4pm and my fan is still going
  2. She never fails to make tea, drink 1/4 of it, then leave it somewhere (specifically our room)
  3. She does not abide by "the last person up turns off the light" rule
  4. She always forgets her phone places so I can never reach her
  5. There is no "fun singing" with her. She always sounds like she's tryna win American Idol
  7. She's a snob about her candles and for how long they should be burning
  8. Every time I get in the car with her I think we're about to crash
  9. But none of these matter because there is no one in the world who would be a better roommate
  10. When I tell her that when she leaves my fan on it bothers me but she proceeds to do it more