1. When people are late
    If the time is set for 4 and it's 4:05. I hate you
  2. Tapping
  3. Leaky faucet
    Like my kitchen sink right now
  4. Clicking of the pen repeatedly
    This is the more unnecessary action anyone could perform
  5. When people say the next line of the movie right before it happens
    I sometimes do this to but am trying to stop because I realize just how obnoxious it is
  6. When people post about a show on social media with no warning that they're spoiling it for others
    You like ruiner
  7. When people talk in the library
    We all are trying to study. Be quiet. Go study somewhere where talking is allowed
  8. When people eat sunflower seeds in my ear
  9. When something happens and everyone retells it immediately after it just happened
  10. Chevys that have one runner out
    (So damn many)
  11. When guys don't play as hard because they're playing against a female
  12. When volumes are on odd numbers or not on multiples of 5
    So anything ending in 1, 3, 7, or 9
  13. When people don't turn off their blinkers
  14. When people don't use a blinker
  15. When the shower is cold
  16. Cracks in sidewalks that aren't spaced out evenly enough for me to take an equal amount of steps between each crack
    Not tryna break my moms back, ya know
  17. When professors park in student spaces
    I don't even park on campus. It just bothers me
  18. When windshield wipers don't wipe the entire windshield
  19. When I wear a dress and people make a comment about how I'm dressing like a girl
  20. When the back of my dress goes up when I wear a backpack
  21. When I become aware of a body part. Like the placement of my tongue in my mouth. Or if my toes are touching each other differently than the other foot
    Also OCD thing
  22. When people use "good" and "well" incorrectly. As well as when people put the "s" on "anyway"
  23. When people bite string cheese instead of peel it
  24. When all the expo marker marks aren't completely erased
  25. When I'm friends with someone and then they start dating someone so they stop being friends with me
  26. When people say something "jokingly" mean but it's actually real and they just say "just kidding" after thinking it actually made it better
  27. When the toilet paper roll doesn't roll all the way around and it rips the paper prematurely
  28. When people don't put the clean dry dishes away instead they just stack the dishes a mile high and let someone else put them away