The little things in life that make me happy

  1. When I only make one beep while putting up a ball or strike when working baseball
    For those who don't know, the clock makes 2 beeps normally, but if you click them fast enough it only makes one. It's a real skill because if you do it too fast it flashes an error and continuously beeps at you
  2. When my phone battery is at 69%
  3. When I throw a small piece of trash near the trash can but it actually goes in
  4. When I take my phone out of its case
  5. When I don't know of the lyrics I'm singing are correct so I look them up and turns out I was right
    Doesn't happen that often I'm not gonna lie. But when it does, it feels great
  6. If I complete a minimally artistic activity well
    I'm artistically inept
  7. When I find matching socks
  8. The key shifts in Backstreet Boys songs
  9. When Jim looks into the camera and makes that face
    The Office
  10. Listening to the waves crash
  11. Walks on the beach barefoot
  12. When someone changes the lyrics to a song they're a singing to sing about something that's happening and it just so happens that they get enough beats in the lyric
    This made sense in my head and I could explain it in person, but writing it out is a lot harder than it seemed
  13. When AU landscapers make the mow lines
    Also the vacuum lines on the floor
  14. The smell of a freshly mowed lawn
  15. Squirrels
  16. When I have one of every food that I'm eating on my fork