1. When the force of the flush of the toilet is above average and flushes without having to hold the handle down for an extended period of time
  2. When people hold doors open for others
  3. When people go out of their way to help others
  4. People that get me. Like my humor and how I react to different situations.
  5. Guys who play defense on a girl as if she was a guy
  6. When I get home after a long day and all the dishes are put away
  7. Thunderstorms
  8. The sky
    Clouds, stars, the moon, airplane exhaust strips
  9. Time schedules. Like when the agenda for the day is accurate and followed through correctly
  10. People that are willing to help
    Like if they see you're struggling or if you ask a question, I appreciate when people are willing to stop what they're doing to assist you or teach you how to do something