Things you learn while pulling an all nighter

  1. Exhaustion comes in waves
  2. It is 100% possible to fall asleep in less than a minute
  3. Taking short breaks actually keeps you going
  4. Disney music will in fact keep you awake
  5. No matter how many hours you've been studying, you will not know all the material
  6. Coffee/5 hour energy drinks are your best friend
  7. But they will make you pee a lot
  8. Which is a good thing because it keeps you awake
  9. Delusion is real
  10. It seems possible to be asleep with your eyes open
  11. Sally up Sally down is just as hard in the middle of the night if not harder
  12. Moral of the story, all nighters are the worst
  13. Sleep can be achieved anywhere
  14. 5 minute naps at 4:30 in the morning feel like 30 minute naps