1. We bonded over hating lily Pulitzer and monograms.. solid start.
    Brynn Patrick
  2. Definitely a fellow northerner. Too blunt to be from here
    Suggested by @sherbz
  3. Unpredictable
    Grayson Bell
  4. She tagged me in an ice bucket challenge. Oh God, she's one of those.
    Amanda Reighley
  5. Funnier when drunk
    Johnny Landis
  6. Outspoken
    Sophie Riggs
  7. You and Olivia had dope costumes at BCM Fall Retreat and I was impressed that you threw the frisbee much better and much further than I could
    Suggested by @yctheflea
  8. Intimidating. I knew that you were an elite sports person and we're friends with all the seniors.
    Lauren Garrigan
  9. This girl looks looks like someone I could be friends with. Maybe we should be roommates
    Suggested by @OliviaJ
  10. We played frisbee together and I thought you were a senior because you knew all the seniors and I was baffled when I found out you were a freshman
    Suggested by @krbusker
  11. I thought you were funny, mostly because you laughed at all my jokes. Couldn't trust you for a while because of lying due to Avalon.
    Suggested by @presley_m