He thinks he's the most agreeable/easy-to-accommodate vegan ever. Spoiler Alert: he isn't.
  1. 10. Nutritional Yeast
    Agreed—too bougie.
  2. 9. Casserole
    Pinterest has really classed-up the casserole and he's just stubborn. I'll make a casserole dish and just call it something different like "hash" or "I'm not a short order cook" so he shuts up and eats it.
  3. 8. Salad
    What kind of vegan doesn't like salad???
  4. 7. Peanut
    I'm not allowed to kiss him after eating my favorite snack of peanut butter pretzels unless I've brushed my teeth.
  5. 6. Coconut milk/oil
    Super versatile ingredient/substitute. He imagines everything will smell like coconuts which grosses him out.
  6. 5. Cashew Cheese
    This sounds gross. Some vegan cheeses are good but I don't want cheese made out of cashews.
  7. 4. Veganaise
    I approve of this one. I hate mayonnaise and we don't need a weird vegan substitute.
  8. 3. Aioli
    He thinks it's "too trendy."
  9. 2. Avocado
    As a Southern California native, his disgust over avocados is deeply unsettling.
  10. 1. Creamy
    How much more picky can he become???