For my friend Teresa
  1. It's open - so much space - to breathe
    We bought 12-1/2 acres... Amazingness
  2. There's less traffic than RI - significantly less
    I know this for a fact! 6 months of driving back and forth solidified this knowledge. I'd cross the Border into Mass and my blood pressure would go up!
  3. People are freaking nice - there's just a level of calm unparalleled
  4. The pace is slower and that is alarming at first but once you settle in, it's like Ohhh Yeah...
  5. There is so much to do outside - every season
  6. I live in the woods but 2 miles from the ocean...
    This was imperative combo for my partner and I. We needed ocean (me) and he needed woods (him). He tried to talk me into lakes - um, no. Ocean for the win!
  7. Lobstah
    Have you had a soft shell Maine Lobster? Oh my gosh... Please, do that, and soon.
  8. The air is amazing
    Fresh and clear and oxygen full.
  9. The trees - the don't call it the Pine State for nothing!
    Pine tress everywhere!!!
  10. LL Bean
    It's such fun - on the list is to get the fam Beans Boots!
  11. Sand Dollars
    At Higgins Beach in Scarborough, because that's where my love affair with Maine began lonnnng ago.
  12. Sea Glass
    So much everywhere!
  13. Feeling like I am on vacation everyday!