a list of pranks to pull at the gym to mess with the people there.
  1. Pretend to lift weights without lifting any weights
    Because air weights can be just as heavy
  2. Yell out sadistic phrases while running on the treadmill
    "You better watch your back" or "I'm coming for you" while staring at the guy running next to you
  3. When you're stretching, make orgasmic sounds and phrases in a awkward way
    It makes everyone uncomfortable but their faces will be worth it
  4. When you play basketball, miss every shot and get excited about all the missed shots
    Because it's easier to miss and get a better score
  5. As you enter the gym, stand outside contemplating whether to go in or not
    You'll look like a crazy person who's afraid of the gym
  6. Go to the gym daycare and asked to be checked in, insisting you need to be watched over
    You pay for the membership might as well get some play time you would actually enjoy
  7. Sit in the corner for an hour and then work out for five minutes before you loudly claim you need another break after such a long workout.
    Everyone hates that one person and you're guaranteed to be that person