and this is a list of some of the stuff he has said and done after his "divine revelation"
  1. Whenever someone says "Oh My God!" He will respond gently with "Yes my child"
    This is how this idea started... it got out of hand more quickly than I thought
  2. He claims to know all the languages in the world (since he is God) but will just talk in different accents
    *cue Italian accent* "If I wasn't God I wouldn't speak the Italiano and know all the mobs and it's me Mario!"
  3. After I tripped and fell, he told me he knew I was going to fall because God knows what is going to happen. When I asked why he didn't tell me before I fell, he simply said "because God doesn't give handouts" and "I wouldn't learn anything from this experience"
    I did actually learn something though. He's kinda an ass...
  4. After some time, this caught on to my brother and now that he is aware he is the son of God, he prefers to be called Jesus.
    And now I'm supposed to follow him or else I'm going to hell... see you all in hell then