It's my uncle's wedding this weekend and Indian weddings are very different and extravagant than American weddings. Anyway here are my thoughts.
  1. So it took a long time to get ready because you have the following things to account for: hair, makeup, bangles, earrings, shoes, and of course the Indian outfit (which is way more elaborate than it sounds)
  2. When you walk into the hall of an Indian wedding, two thoughts will pop up. One is how beautiful the hall looks. It's so wonderfully decorated with lots of color and elegance. The second thing is how much it all cost. Expensive as hell
  3. So the bride and/ or groom has a HUGE FAMILY, like 10 brothers and sisters and they all come in with them and it's like a party but just for them.
  4. Speaking of large families, literally everyone is invited to the wedding and literally everyone shows up. Your mom's uncle's kid's cousin will show up and you will see them at every wedding ever.
  5. The couple is pretty conservative so they don't really kiss or anything. My uncle's first dance with his wife was super cute because of how awkward he was with her.
  6. There is lots of food! The food is traditional Indian food but it's not too spicy, so everyone can enjoy it. The best part about any Indian wedding is the buffet of food. It's wonderful
  7. The bride always looks beautiful. Her outfit is usually very elaborate, so it's heavy and covered in sequins, but she always pull it off because it's her wedding. It's also super expensive because of how much work is on the outfit. It's a real struggle.
  8. There is always a dance performance at a wedding. Always. I cannot stress this enough. Someone from either the bride or grooms side performs a complicated yet unbelievably good dance number and everyone loves it.
    It's cute when kids do it but if you're an adult it has to be on point or you're laughed at for the rest of your life. Brown people never forget. EVER.
  9. The dance floor is awesome. If it's a good DJ they will play a good mix of Bollywood music and American music and it's so much fun. If the DJ sucks, you're screwed.
  10. So basically Indian weddings are chaotic and elaborate but they're beautiful and super exciting while being a bit exotic at times. They are also expensive as hell so someone better be loaded or you're going to go in debt planning this wedding.