After dedicating a couple of months to VR research for my internship, I have discovered:
  1. It is nowhere near perfect.
    Motion sickness still plagues VR users, and although there have been some solutions, big companies haven't adopted them yet. Our brains may be amazed by virtual worlds, but still have an issue when you are walking mentally but not physically. High end VR is expensive when it comes to the headset, machine, etc (more senses engaged = more money). The PSVR has a compelling price, but from what we have seen so far, the quality isn't there and people are still experiencing the sickness.
  2. Hardware won't matter.
    Wonder why some companies like Apple haven't joined the VR party yet? Its because these huge clunky headsets are temporary. Similar to the first cell phones, we are in the Stone Age of VR. Just wait until VR can just be an option on your smart watch, or a blink of an eye away.
  3. The entertainment industry isn't a bad place to start.
    VR porn is something else. People search for it over 9000% more today than two years ago, and the first VR porn festival was shut down because too many people showed up. There hasn't been a lot of VR experiences yet, especially for mobile users, and that's because the technology is still in its infancy. But to make sure it catches on quickly, VR companies have to appeal to the most people - and sex and video games aren't bad places to start.
  4. A LOT of money is being spent.
    Billions and billions. There has been much more investment in augmented reality as opposed to virtual reality, which I think is due to VR's isolating factor. If you're in the VR headset with headphones, you can't hear your phone vibrate or your alarm go off. But in augmented reality you're still in the real world, just with some additional elements. The Pokémon Go craze isn't by chance.
  5. It is the future.
    And we have to be careful about how we use it. There is VR technology that will make you think you are eating a tasty meal when in fact, you are consuming 3D-printed gunk. Useful? Yes. But only in honest ways. VR will certainly play a role in our future. I just hope it ends up in the right hands.