Written by someone living in the United States. I know there must be better sex ed out there (at least I hope).
  1. Sexuality changes over time.
    And you should challenge your boundaries. You can be attracted to someone regardless of gender, race, appearance, etc. That's completely fine.
  2. Sex is everything that you would do with someone else that constitutes sexual pleasure (your own interpretation).
    No "penis in the vagina" definition.
  3. Contraception and ways to prevent STIs.
    We do this already, but actual references would be nice. How about a sheet with local places to pick up contraception?
  4. It's completely fine to not want sex.
    Some people don't enjoy it, don't want it all the time, want it only a certain way, etc. Don't feel pressured to do so, and don't assume other people want it the same way you do.
  5. Sex is different with every person you encounter.
    Everyone has different interests, bodies, and thoughts. Someone new will never be the same as someone before them. Take the time to discover how someone enjoys sex.
  6. Self love should be considered the same for every gender.
    For girls it seems more "self discovery" and for guys its just "something they have to do", along with others outside the binary that are judged similarly. Let's make it about something special for everyone.
  7. Consent is important and should never be overlooked.
    A rape victim, regardless of the situation, is not the guilty one. Practice safe consent - conscious, enthusiastic, not implied, and voluntary. Give local help lines.
    Refer back to definition of "sex".
  9. Encourage open conversation.
    Sex shouldn't be a taboo. Let's talk about it. :)