It's all about fry and dip harmony.
  1. Moxie's
    Perfect texture of the fries (solid outer crisp layer, inside soft, but not wet). Spicy mayo dip is so good, I could probably drink it straight.
  2. Sherlock's Pub
    Also optimal crispyness, however fries are a lil too skinny. Dip is more on the garlicy side, which is 10/10 for me (DON'T BE SCARED OF GARLIC). Huge serving but still super expensive so maybe get as a treat.
  3. Hudson's Canadian Taphouse
    I have no recollection of what the dip tastes like because whatever seasoning they put on their fries is so good, you can eat the fries by themselves, even if they are a lil on the soft side.
  4. Earl's
    Very small serving so not good for sharing and fries are a little weirdly shaped (they're more wedge-like; more on how I feel about wedge yam fries later). Dip is 🆗, but could have more flavour.
  5. My Dorm's Cafeteria
    Gives you wedge shaped fries, which is HORRIBLE. Yams are best teased, i.e. they're best a lil on the skinny side. Also, they give you KETCHUP which, is frankly, just lazy ✋