Inspired by @ListPrompts. This is an average weekday pour moi.
  1. 9:30am - alarm goes off to the radio, keep my eyes closed until the song playing ends, then check email to see if any of my classes are cancelled 😁
  2. 9:50am - get out of bed, brush teeth, wash my face
  3. 10:00am - do makeup, get dressed, do hair
  4. 10:20am - make breakfast, usually 2 pieces of bread with whatever I'm feeling at the moment and a glass of chocolate milk
  5. 10:40am - pack my bag, apply my lipstick if I'm wearing any that day 👄
  6. 10:45am - leave for class
  7. 11:00am - ~3:00pm - go to my classes, go to any meetings I may have, usually eat yogurt and granola and cookies for lunch, come home
  8. 3:00pm - make coffee and snack, watch my YouTube subscriptions, make a mental or physical list of things I need to do that night
  9. 4:30pm - take off my makeup, clean my room and/or the apartment
  10. 5:00pm - call my mom
  11. 5:20pm - ask @alishakurji about her day, start homework
  12. ~6:00pm - start cooking dinner if I'm cooking that day
  13. 6:45pm - 9:00pm - eat dinner at some point during this time because I truly suck, do more homework
  14. BONUS: Once a week, I volunteer with our campus' Safewalk service, where a partner and I patrol the community area and/or walk people home at night. I usually take a 7-10pm or 8-11pm shift
  15. 9:00pm - call my dad (though I keep forgetting he's an hour ahead 😕)
  16. 9:30pm - take a shower, do the dishes if it's my turn, chat with @alishakurji, watch more YouTube videos, generally just do doodoo, maybe finish more homework if I want to
  17. 11:50pm - fill water in my humidifier, mentally plan what's happening tomorrow
  18. 12:00am - get in bed, watch more YouTube, catch up on a TV show, go on The List App
  19. 1:00am - go to sleep