I'm 20 and finally feeling it.
  1. Got absolutely wasted for the first time in a month and a half
    I think I'm out-growing getting drunk on a regular basis though, which I assume means I'm getting older but idk
  2. Had a guy slobber all over me and I told him he was too drunk and I didn't like it
    I've never done that before and I was super proud of myself.
  3. Confronted someone on some comments they made about a thing that I was uncomfortable with
    Again, never really done this before, I usually just tell @alishakurji about it and then slowly distance myself from them.
  4. Told a friend I wanted to remain just friends
    Again, first time I've ever done this (because I've never had anyone tell me that they "like" me since grade 1, but I'll maybe expand on that another time). Special shout out to @wikiHow for helpin' a sista out.
  5. Calmly and strongly told my mom I didn't want her to manipulate or guilt trip me during my week off at home
    I haven't actually done this yet, but I'm (hopefully) going to.