1. It told myself I wasn't going to sodk this again
  2. I don't want to be the drunk gilt on list app
  3. But here I am
  4. Getting bev'd
  5. I might meet a girl tonight
  6. I only made this list ove 4 lines because I thought I might say that.
  7. I'm on hundy percent gonna delete thmsks
  8. I'm passing by a theatre ( the jack singer) that's I used to Fikng PREOFRM AT as a young child
  10. @stars @kate81 @alishakurji IM SO SAFE!!!!! I WOULD NEVER GO OUT OUT WOT PEEPS WHO ARE DUM
  11. Real talk this is me concentrating. I can totally drive home perfectly. If not I'll call Alisha or slmethnf
  12. By the qua tog gigs are fucked up to condone this I hate yall
  13. Jk I love y'all u meow thank anything
  14. WERE TALINF ABOUT LITBULLi fuckj g love pitbull
  15. @LevNovak made some kind of tweet about lie executing pitbull of something executing pitbull and I one pitbull
  16. This giy's doing a jenga thing
  17. Fuck this jenga guy tho
  18. This guy is probably 40% a meninist
  19. Props for social diversity tho
  20. My friend s are scooterinf like what we did in elementary 😬
  21. I'm slowly getting less drunk and this
  22. Is
  23. Not
  24. Fun
  25. My ride home is gonna be here for a while though :(
  26. Harry styles #takemehome
  27. We're outside and its ducking cold
  28. They're playing Adele though
  29. I'm like completely sober btw. I'm gonna start opening up about my legit life soon here guys. This is worse than being drunk
  30. If I get a nosebleed I'm gonna kill someone. I might take an uber y'all.
  31. Top 10 things I don't want to do: be here
  32. Damn now for real: I don't want to be here.
  33. My shit is in this girl's locker. And she's outside but I gotta look out for my nose so I came inside. How do I tell her I need my stuff? Because I want to go home.
  34. God I payed $20 admission to get in here for me AND this girl I thought I was gonna hook up with
  35. So $40 total
  36. Ok I got my shit and ANOTHER girl drove me home
  37. I left my car at the station so I'll get it tomorrow
  38. I home now and I'm just going to watch Rooster Teeth videos and maybe cry a lil idk
  39. Thanks for joining me on this ride bb's 😘