I have NAILED the art of nap taking 😴 These are my tips on how to nap soundly and wake up refreshed and ready to get work done 👊🏾
  1. Don't sleep in the dark
    The key to taking a good nap is to treat it opposite to how you sleep at night. I always sleep with a little crack in my curtains so when I wake up I still feel productive. Here's a cheeky pic of optimal nap lighting in my room:
  2. Use an alarm different from your morning alarm
    I wake up to the radio in the morning, but for my naps, I use my fav ringtone "Night Owl" 🌚 It's all about conditioning yourself to think you're about to get a ton of work done when in reality, you're now awake enough to finish the rest of your 6th watch-through of True Detective S1.
  3. Sleep in a different position from at night
    I sleep on my stomach at night so when I take a nap, I sleep exclusively on my back. Since my naps are so short and/or I'm tired enough, I wake up in the same position and immediately remember I just took a nap and not a full-on sleep.
  4. Know what kind of nap you want
    Were you up till 3am the previous night working on an essay? Do you want an energy boost before your evening shift in a couple hours? Figure out how tired you are and you can decide between the two divisions of naps:
  5. The Power Nap
    These are naps that allow me to be revitalized for the rest of the evening, but still allow me to be tired enough to fall asleep at a decent time at night. My ideal power nap is between 20-25 minutes.
  6. The Pass Out
    When I'm unbelievably exhausted or I think I deserve one, I'll opt for a Pass Out (patent pending). These are 50 minutes OR 75-80 minutes. Timing is exact because anything less or more leaves me groggy and often even more tired.
  7. Learn how long it takes your body to fall asleep
    I find I fall asleep quicker when I'm about to take a nap versus when I go to sleep at night. When I set an alarm, I count the amount of minutes I'll be sleeping PLUS the 5-7 minutes it takes for me to actually fall asleep so I've got max sleep time 💯
  8. Set easy to go alarms
    I tend to nap between 1pm-6pm and I have about 30 different alarms on my phone ready to go. With pre-made alarms made when I nap most frequently, I spend less time faffing around with my phone and more time sleeping 👌🏾
  9. Practice taking naps
    The only way to know how long it takes for you to fall asleep or what length of nap is ideal for you, is to practice! Listen to your body and treat your self when you need to be recharged.
  10. Respect the nap and you'll be introduced to a world of energy, productivity, and motivation unlike ever before 🙏🏾