Prided myself on how I've up to date I've been with this election but I've finally reached the point where I need some help to figure out what's going on 👋🏾
  1. 1. What is going on in/with New York right now?
    Something about deadlines and voters not being about to vote?
  2. 2. You have to register with your party in order to be able to vote in the primaries?
    From what I understand from @k8mcgarry's list (WHY I AM A REGISTERED REPUBLICAN (EXPLAIN)), if you're registered as a Rep, you HAVE to vote for a Rep leader even though you may vote Dem in the actual presidential election?
  3. 3. What happens if you've been registered as a Dem your whole life but now want to be Rep, can you switch that?
    And again, the only need to switch would be to vote in the primaries?
  4. 4. Do you have to register with a party to vote in the Pres elections?
  5. 5. For the Pres elections, do you HAVE to pre-register to vote or can you just go to the polls with your driver's license and register just before?
  6. And now some questions that I don't expect answers for, it's just been incredulous seeing America's election after Canada and Alberta also just had pretty historic ones
    How do you guys function with just 2 political parties? Why is your election period so long? How come some states have never not been Rep or Dem (I live in the most conservative province in Canada and we fucking elected the most socialist party as MAJORITY last year)?
  7. If y'all have answers or links (or lists!) to these questions, I would super appreciate it and you 😘 big thanks for helping me wrap my head around all this.
  8. Not every state has closed primaries (aka you can only vote for your party) but Pennsylvania does, which is why I can only vote for republicans next week!
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  9. Re: 5) yes, you have to pre-register at least a month (?) before Election Day. You can switch your party but you have to switch p early on in the process (which is why Trump's kids can't vote for him - they are still Democrats)
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  10. 4- no, I am an independent voter meaning that I have no party affiliation. I am able to vote in the elections in November, but not in primaries because my state (Pennsylvania) has closed primaries (meaning you only vote for your party's candidates - so not party, no body to vote for)
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