💁🏾 Inspired by @Nicholas
  1. Sandwich
    Ciabatta bun, spicy aioli, tomatoes (diced), red onions, chicken, couple slices of crispy hot salsa salami, arugula, melted mozzarella, Frank's Red Hot sauce, crack of pepper, toasted
  2. Mixed drink
    5 Alive Citrus juice and ginger ale
  3. Wrap
    Whole wheat pita, shredded chicken, tzatziki, red onions, cilantro, carrots, jalapeños
  4. Pizza
    Lots of red sauce, thin crust, two types of ham (not picky), white onions, basil, mozzarella, arugula, more arugula, red chilli flakes
  5. Slurpee
    Coke or Pepsi at the bottom, Mountain Dew, cream soda, orange crush, blue raspberry, Sprite or 7up at the top
  6. Nap
    Fresh out of the shower, moisturised, 4:40pm, iPhone alarm tone set to "Night Owl", do not disturb on, fall asleep at 4:50, wake up at 5:20
  7. Evening
    Alone, no homework, clean apartment, face mask, wine, popcorn, movie in bed on my iPad, healthy cry to the movie, sleeping by 1am
  8. Airport experience
    No makeup, no family, no bra, no checked bags, clean hair, memorized all the info for my US customs card, friendly chat with TSA person, being hyper aware of my race, no dumbo's in security line, "forgets" to take shoes off, they let me through anyway, @timhortons medium French Vanilla, Starbucks lemon loaf 👌🏾