Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. It happened to my sister (age 5) and I (age 7) when we used to share a bedroom.
  2. We were in our beds just talking probably around 8:30-9pm and it was summer so the sun still hadn't set yet because I was able to see everything in our room, even with the blinds down
  3. Our bedroom shared a wall with my parents bedroom (they were downstairs at the time)
  4. Suddenly, I started noticing characters (??) coming though the wall from my parents room, floating across our room, and then going out the opposite wall (the other side of that wall is just the outside)
  5. I saw a few and didn't think anything of it, then a lot more started coming out
  6. I slowly asked my sister if she could see them and she said yes and she quickly ran to my bed and we cuddled, terrified of what was going on
  7. The characters were no bigger than maybe 6 inches? They were ships and fish and workmen. They looked like fairytale characters or people from the Middle Ages
  8. They never made any sounds and didn't touch us and we didn't try to touch them
  9. We could also both see the exact same things, like she would point out something and I'd see it and vice versa, so this wasn't a matter of me saying I see something and my sister copying me
  10. After about 15 minutes, fewer started coming out and then it was done
  11. The next night, it happened again
  12. The night after that, it happened again
  13. And then it never happened again
  14. 👻