Could alternatively be titled: Underrated Moments Of The Office
  1. They way Karen danced and sang "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" at Phyllis' wedding
    I love Karen with my whole heart, btw
  2. "Do you like it as much as you like men's butts?"
  3. The fact that Michael got Ryan an iPod for Secret Santa omg what if someone did that in List App Secret Santa
    My sister and I will just text each other this back and forth, for hours.
  5. When Pam got scared about giving birth because she didn't think she could do it
    I know this is going to be me one day.
  6. "Pam a lama ding dong"
  7. "What a horrible day"
    In one of my fav episodes "Launch Party", Michael says this in a talking head after not understanding the party was via satellites. Just the way he says this is so funny to me, and it's probably one of my most repeated lines, even though it's very obscure and ambiguous.
  8. The fact that Ryan asked out Karen
  9. "Feeling hot hot hot"
  10. In Branch Wars, when Jim looks incredulously at the camera person when they don't duck down far enough in the car
    I just like how he didn't look at the camera, but instead at the camera crew. Nice touch.
  11. The way Jan sings to Astrid after she comes back from school
    I can't remember what episode this was, but Astrid is much older, like 4 or 5, and Jan sings something like "what did you learn". GOD I laughed my ass off when that happened.
  12. "Cut off your nose to spider face"
    I literally just got this last month.