Inspired by @ListPrompts
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    In grade 9, my English class was assigned to write and record our own spoken word poem about anything we wanted
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    Many people didn't take it super seriously and filmed themselves over dramatically to be funny, which I knew I did not want to do because I didn't want to take away the emotional significance a spoken word piece could have
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    I procrastinated hardcore on it because I had no idea what to write
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    I finally wrote my poem the night before it was due
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    I wrote a poem about how my mother had just been passed up on a job promotion that instead went to a younger, less qualified, white man
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    And how unjust it was that my strong, smart mother could immigrate to Canada on her own, go through years of night classes to receive her CIP insurance designation, while raising my sister and I
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    And be passed up by a white, 25 year old guy, who had 2 years experience in the field
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    I alluded heavily to the racial motivations of the promotion, but honestly didn't fully realise it while writing it
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    I spent 20 minutes writing the poem (which I didn't think was that great), woke up an hour early the next morning to film it, and then edited it on my bus ride to school
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    My teacher emailed me a couple days later saying my poem brought her to tears and that she wanted to share it with our principal and the rest of the teaching staff
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    The next day, our principal emailed me asking if I would allow them to put my poem on the school's website
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    Many teachers at my school came up to me in the halls to tell me how much they loved my poem and how proud my English teacher was of me
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    My parents also told me when I got home that the principal had contacted them to let them know the impact my poem had
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    My mom later quit that job about 3 months later πŸ’ͺ🏾