Maybe if I stopped spending so much time thinking about the people on this list, I could actually find myself a real life crush 💁🏾
  1. Kovu from The Lion King 2
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    Age 7. The only reason I feel comfortable sharing this is because Eddie Redmayne is very vocal about how much he was attracted to Maid Marian in Robin Hood when he was a kid. And Kovu was a total badass.
  2. Aaron Johnson
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    Age 11. I've included a picture of him as a youngin' because this what I was working with. I saw him in "The Thief Lord" and thought he was beautiful. However, he was only in another 2 films besides that one so I had to gaze at him through his headshots on IMDb and stills from the movies that weren't available at Blockbuster.
  3. Jacob Hoggard
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    Age 13. Lead signer of the band Hedley. My first ever obsession and it was so much fun. I was probably annoying as hell, but I enjoyed him and that band so much. I ended up meeting him 3 times and it was awesome. Will always have a place in my heart.
  4. Adam Lambert
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    Age 14. His was the only season of American Idol I've ever watched. I was looking up pics of him 2008/2009 era to put on here and they are rough. This one was probably a lapse of judgment on my part. Also the minute he came out, I lost all interest.
  5. Shia LaBeouf
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    Age 14. Transformers era. Seeing all the stuff that he does in the media now is crazy for me because I feel like I've known him from "before"??
  6. Mila Kunis
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    Age 15. Suddenly realised I totally liked girls, too. And what a bomb she is.
  7. Robert Sheehan
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    Age 15. Like Aaron Johnson, he's a UK actor and I had limited movies/shows to work with. The character he played in Misfits was SO HOT though and he was the first ever sex scene I saw (I hadn't seen any "HBO" shows at this time so this blew my effing mind).
  8. Niall Horan
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    Age 16. THE GREATEST CRUSH I'VE EVER HAD. Would be active and funny on Twitter, would show up in Liam's live streams, would do HIS OWN live streams, never had a public girlfriend 💛💛💛 was unfortunately short lived...
  9. Harry Styles
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    Age 16. THE MOST PAINFUL CRUSH I'VE EVER HAD. Also it's one thing (LOL) to love Harry Styles behind a computer screen and another to see him live and see what a star he truly is 😭 John Mayer took this pic of him which I think is one of the best pictures of Harry I've ever seen.